Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Forward?

Last Sunday, most of us turned the clocks to spring ahead. But it feels like it was a bit premature. It's too soon for yard work or to swap winter for summer clothes. And that BBQ you were thinking about is just a little too chilly to keep you outside for long. I did find one small silver lining... that extra hour of sunlight gives you a jump start on home spring cleaning.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Great Site to Bookmark That You Might Not Know About

Ever get frustration as you vainly attempted to reach a live human voice while contacting a company? The website, gives you the skinny on how to reach an actual person... and quickly. Get Human lists more than 500 companies and provides a cheat sheet with the prompts and symbols to speak with a customer service agent. Companies range from national firms to service agencies, from AAA to the United Postal Service. And yes, all of the airlines.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

If You Let Go, It Will Come To You

I was surprised to hear not once, but twice today "If you let it go, it will come to you". And what great advice this is for not just me, but everyone. It is so hard to maintain our patience and not stress out about money and how we are going to get by. If you lost your job... you stress over getting one. If you have one... you stress about losing it. Or most likely if you are not experiencing one of those two... you are going through something else that is testing you. So listen to this wise advice that has been shared and passed on for decades. Let it go. Don't worry. Things will turn around someday. They always do. So try to enjoy what you do have right now and not about what you do not or may not have. It's just not worth it.

My Stimulus Bill

In a world full of doom and gloom, I find that I need to create a safe blog haven that people can visit and find money saving "stimulus" topics without the edge of depression that most news and information sites have in abundance. Everyone is feeling the short change in their pockets and being challenged to rise above the inflated instant gratification of the past. It was the “Dot Me Era”. We had to have it all and thought we would have the money to do it, but now we are all re-thinking our pennies and counting our dimes. With credit cards we didn’t see the debt, we just kept charging. Now that we have to pay cash again, we would be appalled at our spending habits. It was delusional fraudulent time that we never thought would end. But it has and we need to own up to it and learn from those mistakes.

Media Angst Thoughts For the Day

Now that the media has finally owned up to the fact that our country is in a recession, I'm getting tired of one other word... "tip". Everyone has a tip! Here are a few examples that you may find within a half hour news or talk show:

Tips on how to be more green
Tips on how to be healthy
Tips on how to lose weight

Here is a tip... you too can generate more tips so you can become obsessive compulsive about this tip until you find another tip that may be an even better tip then the last failed tip.

Tip This!! Tip Off!! I've lost my tips!!

Another annoying word is "real". When did real really become not real? I mean reality shows are unreal. What about the phrase "real women"? When were women not real? I feel real. My thoughts may get lost at times, but not when my hips accidentally bang into something I most certainly cry out in real pain.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anti Bratz

It was about a year ago the first time I ever heard about the Bratz dolls. A new friend mentioned how her daughter was into them and that they were real trashy with cut off tops, makeup, and short skirts. So I looked into them awhile later and was thoroughly angry that any toy maker was allowed to create these horrible dolls. In my mind they represent everything that is wrong with our culture in how females are represented. These dolls summarize every self esteem issue any one woman has had. They epitomize the distorted image of how our society feels ALL women both young, old and well infantiles should look. As a result, we have celebs and common folk alike starving themselves, pumping their lips and cheeks, botoxin', lipoin', and doing every trick in the book to look like not Barbie (which was bad to begin with) but a nasty loose little girl that looks like she is about to take Spitzer for some sort of ride. Have pedofiles taken over our children's dolls? What is wrong with people? And we wonder why Britney Spears is so hurt and lost? Society applauded her when she was young for having a rock hard body with big boobs and sang about sex. Then they cut her down when she became a wife and a mother. No wonder they refer to her now as a "comeback" today. Visually they are pleased with how she looks again like a Bratz doll. But what about her feelings inside? What about what led her to even marrying a guy like Kevin Federline? It all goes back to Barbie and the Bratz. We are taught to be sex symbols whose sole purpose is to excite men in a sexual manner and be their "fantasy baby girl". It's all a bunch of bs and that leads me to my silver lining. There are some in the entertainment biz who try to subtly counter this disease. As women we are fierce, strong and our motto is "just do it". So just do that. Don't give in to the pop culture crap that says you have to look like a skinny girl with big boobs and pouty lips. Be yourself, let others in, and reveal that a true woman is someone who could give a crap about stereotypes and define who they are themeselves. A person who surrounds themselves with people that appreciate them not worship them and are grounded. Then others will want to be like them instead of some stupid Bratz doll.